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Application "IslamLife"

The application provides all daily Muslims’ needs such as verified Prayer Times for major cities around the world, Azan, Qibla Finder, Qibla Direction, and the full Holy Quran, with knowledge and information with verifications about Islam and the true path.

«Islam Life» — the first free, non-commercial Islamic app. Designed for Muslims around the world and available in 20 languages.

  • • Namaz time
  • • Qibla
  • • Azan
  • • Holy Quran
  • • Islamic Lessons
  • • Zikr
  • • Tree of Prophets

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Muslim communities

The Muslim Ummah of Ukraine is multinational. The majority are Crimean Tatars, Volga Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmens, representatives of the peoples of the North Caucasus, Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Chechens, Dagestanis and others.

In all cities of Ukraine where Muslims live, RAUM assists in organizing and registering communities, training Imams and parishioners, helping in the construction and arrangement of mosques and prayer rooms, performing religious rituals, holding holidays and events, and conducting educational activities.

Religious education is one of the main areas  work of the RAUM. For this purpose, training courses, seminars, Sunday schools and summer camps for children have been organized throughout Ukraine, round tables, lectures and excursions are held. Thus, RAMU provides an opportunity to receive religious knowledge for everyone.

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