The Muslim Ummah of Ukraine is multinational. The majority are Crimean Tatars, Volga Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmens, representatives of the peoples of the North Caucasus, Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Chechens, Dagestanis and others.

In all cities of Ukraine where Muslims live, RAUM assists in organizing and registering communities, training Imams and parishioners, helping in the construction and arrangement of mosques and prayer rooms, performing religious rituals, holding holidays and events, and conducting educational activities.

Religious education is one of the main areas  work of the RAUM. For this purpose, training courses, seminars, Sunday schools and summer camps for children have been organized throughout Ukraine, round tables, lectures and excursions are held. Thus, RAMU provides an opportunity to receive religious knowledge for everyone.

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Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims

Адрес: 04052, Kiev, st. Lukyanovskaya 46

Tel: (044)465-18-77/78.

Fax: (044)465-18-76.

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Site: islam.ua


Tel: (044)465-18-77/78.

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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c. Kyiv (Mosque «Ar-Rahma»),
st. Lukyanovskaya, 46.

c. Kyiv, st. Murmansk, 6.

c. Kyiv (Volyn Base),
st. Volyn, 34/1.

c. Kyiv (Troyeshina),
st. Electrotechnical, 4.

c. Kyiv (Youth),
st. Miropolskaya, 2.

c. Irpin (RC «Karat»),
st. University, 2-D.

c. Boryspil, st. Kiev way, 1-D.

c. Belaya Tserkov,
st. Nechuy Levitsky, 2-А.

с. Zhitomir, st. Lyubarskaya, 1.

c. Odessa, st. Varnenskaya, 12/6.

c. Odessa (RC «7th sky»),
st. Torgovaya, 15-B.

c. Odessa (sett. Kotovsky),
st. Semena Poliya, 105.

Odessa reg. (vil. Malinovka),
st. Artemenko, 2.

c. Belgorod-Dnestrovsky,
st. Nikolaevskaya, 27.

c. Dnipro, Kryvoriz'ka St, 60А.

c. Sinelnikovo,
st. Novovokzalnaya, 21.

c. Zaporozhye, st. Mykhayla Honcharenka, 29.

c. Melitopol, st. Intercultural, 4/1.

c. Lviv, st. Sholom Aleichem, 5.

c. Nikolaev, st. Novobugskaya, 124.

Nikolaev reg. (c. Voznesensk),
st. Boris Slobodyanyuk, 2/1.

c. Kherson, st. Liteynaya, 28.

Chaplinsky dist. (vil. Nadezhdovka),
st. Shevchenko, 14.

Oleshkovsky dist. (vil. Bolshiye kopany),
ln. Listopadny, 27.

Chaplinsky dist. (vil. Krestovka),
st. Ostrovsky, 9.

vil. Pavlovka, st. Krymskaya, 31.

utv. Gornostaevka.

Chaplinsky dist. (vil. Preobrazhenka),
st. Gagarina, 28-А.

Chaplinsky dist. (vil. Pitomnic).

Gornostaivsky dist. (vil. Krasnoe),
st. Vostocnya, 25.

Chaplinsky dist. (vil. Skadovka).

utv.Chaplinka (Mosque),
st. Grushevsky, 90.

utv. Chaplinka («Shopping center»),
st. Askaniskaya, 36.

Holopristansky dist. (vil.Bekhteri),
st. Suvorov, 18.

c. Genichesk, st. Centralnya, 55.

utv. Novotroitskoye, st. Kashtanovaya, 27.

c. Chernigov, st. Lyubechskaya, 60-А.

c. Poltava, st. Sennaya, 20-А.

c.Kremenchuk, st. Chkalova, 50/1.

c. Khmelnitsky, st. Svobody, 19.

c. Kharkov, ln. Tsigarevsky, 8/10.

reg. Kharkov. (vil. Volkovo),
st. Internaceonalnya, 23.

c. Cherkasy,
st. Novoprechistenskaya, 123.

c. Kropyvnytskyi,
st. Preobrazhenskaya, 27.

For more than twenty years, the Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims (RAUM) has been consistently following its course, spreading the true knowledge of the religion of Islam. The priority area of ​​work is also to counter any manifestations of religious extremism, ignorance and extremism by teaching the basics of Islam transmitted by the great Islamic theologians from the Prophet Muhammad himself.

Since 1992, despite financial difficulties, has been tremendous work has been done - this is the founding of the Islamic University and the Al-Irshad secondary school, the beginning and completion of the construction of the first mosque in the capital of independent Ukraine, the Ar-Rahma mosque, and a variety of various projects aimed at acquainting the Ukrainian society with Islam, free from stereotypes and prejudice spread over the years of the presence of atheistic propaganda.

The Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims regularly organizes events dedicated to Muslim events and holidays in order to unite the multinational Muslim society of Ukraine based on the traditional values ​​of Islam. Every year, throughout the month of Ramadan, Iftars (dinner-talk) are held where everyone can come to open a fast in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Also, on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, Mawlid is held annually, which is celebrated throughout the month not only in Kiev, but also in many cities and villages of Ukraine where there are Muslim communities. Not only Muslims, but also representatives of other confessions are invited to these and other events related to Muslim holidays and events.This will certainly unite the multicultural Ukrainian society and demonstrate the openness of Muslims to work together for the good of Ukraine based on universal human values.

One of the most important directions in the work of the RAUM is the translation, publishing and distribution of authentic Islamic books. Books are published on various religious sciences: the basics of the Doctrine ('Aqida), Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), the interpretation of the Qur'an, the transmission of Hadith, the grammar of the Arabic language, the life of the Prophet, peace be upon Him, His companions (Sahaba), relatives, biographies of the most famous scientists Islam, the history of Islam, books for children, etc. Every two months there are periodicals that have already become famous in Ukraine and abroad - the newspaper "Minaret" and the children's magazine "Merry Firefly". All the literature prepared by the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine does not contradict the ancient sources written by our pious ancestors who lived in the CIS. Moreover, RAUM restores and preserves the Islamic religious heritage, translates old and reliable books and manuscripts, and then publishes them in a form accessible to the modern reader.

The Religion Administration pays special attention to the poor and needy, helping them whenever possible. This includes both the provision of free education in religion and the attraction of entrepreneurs who are able to financially help socially vulnerable people.

The Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims carries out a great deal of work at the international level, taking part in international conferences, forums and symposia.Thus, presenting Ukraine as a state in which representatives of different cultures peacefully coexist and work together, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the image of our country. RAUM took part in such large conferences that were organized in the CIS, as well as in South and North Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the USA and some European countries.

RAUM is a member of the councils under various ministries, such as the Ministry of Defense. By signing a memorandum on the spiritual tutelage of servicemen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, representatives of the RAUM received the right to give advice to soldiers, help in the development of discipline in the ranks of the army, and also contribute to strengthening stability in the country, development of security and prosperity of the state. Also participating in the council under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, work is being carried out with social and health organizations to prevent the spread of such dangerous diseases as AIDS, drug addiction, alcoholism, promoting a healthy and respectable lifestyle.

In the council under the Ministry of Education, the Spiritual Directorate is trying to work to ensure that the younger generation receives education in the traditional spirit based on universal human values.

Muslims are also represented in the ARTSRO. In addition to regular meetings on pressing issues and travel abroad with official visits at the state level, during the socio-political crisis in late 2013-early 2014, the heads of confessions held a number of meetings with the President and the opposition to find ways to peacefully resolve the conflict.

In addition to social and religious activities, RAUM provides services for weddings (nikah), naming, funerals and commemorations.



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