10 tips for my husband

A successful marriage is not only joy, but also work. Therefore, we must take family relationships seriously and responsibly. Each of the spouses needs to make a lot of efforts in order not only to keep the family, but also to make it happy. And first of all, everyone should start with himself. Here are 10 tips for husbands and 10 tips for wives. We hope that they will help to achieve harmony and joy in family life.

10 Tips for Husband
⇒ 1. Be God-fearing and do not commit sins. Your behavior can affect your wife and children, so try to always observe the Shari'ikat properly. Subsequently, you will see the wonderful fruits of such behavior.

⇒ 2. Help your wife deepen her religious knowledge and do not limit her desire to develop in other areas permitted by Religion. An educated wife will not only know how to act correctly in different life situations, but will also be able to teach this to children, because she spends more time with them.

⇒ 3. Control your behavior and do not think that only the wife should be corrected. You need to be able to see your shortcomings and get rid of them, as well as be condescending to the shortcomings of others and make concessions. Try to think more about the merits of your wife, remember her kindness, good attitude towards you and her other positive traits. Moreover, if a wife has a meritorious quality, then take her example. If she gives good advice, listen. If you made a mistake in relation to your wife, then ask her for forgiveness.Modesty and fairness are excellent qualities approved by Islam, and you cannot be arrogant just because you are a man.

⇒ 4. Try to achieve maximum rapport with your wife. The culture of Islam calls for peace and harmony between man and woman. First, you need to get to know each other better, and then, taking into account the peculiarities of character, weaknesses and strengths, build strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect for the interests of the spouse. It is easy to walk through life together, having the same correct beliefs and keeping the same Laws. All that remains is not to hurt the feelings of the other and treat each other with kindness.

⇒ 5. Don't be angry! Get around difficult situations. You should not go to bed in a state of anger with your wife and you should not allow her to go to bed with tears in her eyes. Never insult your wife, do not say bad words about her, do not scold her parents, because even if she keeps silent and says that she has already forgiven, an unpleasant aftertaste will still remain in her heart. A husband should be careful in words and deeds, think about the consequences they will lead to.

⇒ 6. Be her reliable support. Help her solve problems, try to develop good relations with her parents - this will not only save, but also strengthen the family. Let her feel that her support is important to you and that you are not indifferent to her attitude to your affairs. Do not neglect her patience and, if you are busy, then take a minute to explain it. Help your wife feel confident in herself and that she occupies a worthy position in the family: that she is not a servant in the house, but your friend and loved one.Ask her opinion, advice, listen to her if she offers the right solution. This does not in any way humiliate the dignity of the husband, but, on the contrary, speaks of his nobility.

⇒ 7. Do not incite jealousy in your wife. Jealousy destroys her mental balance, and her husband's attentiveness restores her. Do not intimidate her and say what she hates to hear, even in jest. Also, do not criticize her in the presence of other women and do not compare with them, as this can badly affect her internal state and lead to a deterioration in the relationship between you.

⇒ 8. Remember that your wife needs your attention. She enjoys sharing her future plans and experiences with you. All the more, listen carefully to your wife when she needs to share her experiences. And don't push her away with your indifference to her problems. Leaving home and returning back, smile, no matter how hard it is after work, because she has been waiting for you all day. Warn your wife in advance about returning home so as not to appear suddenly, because this will relieve her of unnecessary worries and will give her an opportunity to prepare. Be grateful. Appreciate her work, because she is trying for you. A good word will delight her and give you a reward. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, said that he who does not know how to be grateful to others will not achieve perfection in the Faith. No matter how busy you are, do not forget to set aside time to take care of your family, your wife and bring variety to your usual life. It helps strengthen the family and fosters good relationships. Please your wife with pleasant deeds. Indifference to your wife can lead to the fact that she will begin to treat you the same way. Take care of yourself, try to have a pleasant appearance, because she also wants to see you beautiful and neat.

⇒ 9. Give your wife a sense of security. Protecting her so that she has a sense of security will strengthen family relationships. Let her feel materially secure so that she is calm about this. Watch her health and be ready to sacrifice some vital interests for her. If the wife is sick, then you need to make her feel that she is not alone. Loved ones need your care, especially during difficult periods of life.

⇒ 10.Help your spouse with household chores. Anyone who is able to do this has already attained a high culture. The Prophet's Wife ‘Aisha said that the Prophet helped her to do the housework, and He is none other than the Prophet and Messenger - the best of all creatures. He fully fulfilled his mission and at the same time found time to help his wife with the housework. This does not humiliate a man's dignity in the least, but, on the contrary, it shows his inner strength and kindness.

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