About RAUM


On September 9, 1992, the Main Administration of Muslims of Ukraine was registered, which united the Muslim communities of the country.

On April 5, 1993, it was officially re-registered as an independent Religion Administrate Muslims of Ukraine (RAMU).

The purpose of the RAMU is to unite Muslims on the basis of the knowledge of Ahlus-Sunna-Wal-Jama'a and to ensure their religious needs. Aqida (the basis of the Creed) taught by RAMU was set forth by two great imams - Abul-Hasan Al-Ash'ariy and Abu-Mansur Al-Maturidiy.

The main activities of the RAMU are:

  • spiritual and educational work;
  • ensuring the performance of religious rituals (Nikah, Hajj, ceremonies on the occasion of the birth of a child, assistance with the burial of the dead, commemoration, reading of Chicken 'ana deceased, etc.);
  • assistance in the production, import and export of Halal products, examination of production for compliance with the Shari'at requirements;
  • preserving the cultural heritage of the Muslim peoples of Ukraine, reviving and developing their customs and traditions;
  • holding solemn events on the occasion of holidays and significant dates in Islam;
  • promoting Muslim communities in the allocation of land for the construction of mosques and participants for Muslim cemeteries;
  • charity, social and moral support of the poor and needy.

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