Names and their meanings

Naming is a very significant event in the life of a baby, therefore, in Islam, great attention is paid to the choice of a name. It is important to give the child a beautiful and good name.

The Prophet Himself, peace be upon Him, called upon children to be called good names, He said meaning: «Indeed, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and the names of your fathers. So name the children with beautiful names!» Narrated by Abu Daud from Abu ad-Dard.

When is the best time to give your child a name

Samur narrated that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, said, meaning:

This means: «The birth of every child is a reason for the sacrifice of an animal. The animal is slaughtered on the seventh day after its birth. On the same day, the child is given a name and his head is shaved». The hadith was narrated by At-Tirmidhi (The hadith is given in five of the six collections of authentic hadiths, as well as in the collections of the Hadiths of Al-Hakim and Al-Bayhaky).

From the Hadith it is clear that the name can be given in the seventh day since the birth of the baby. But there are other reliable Hadiths, which indicate that the name can also be given on the birthday of the child.

In the collection of Hadiths of Imam Muslim and Bukhariy, the Hadith was narrated from Anas that the Messenger of Allah said meaning:

This means: «At night my son was born, I named him after my forefather - Ibrahim».

Choosing a name

Choosing the right name for a child is an important issue that requires special attention. It is important that you choose a beautiful name that is easy to pronounce and has a good meaning, as it will be referred to by that name throughout your life. Avoid giving children names that might be used as a reason for bullying.

From Ibn ‘Umar the following words are narrated:

This means: «The Prophet said:«Indeed, the most beloved names before the Lord are ‘Abdullah (servant of the Lord) and ‘Abdurrahman (servant of the Merciful)». Narrated in the collection of Hadiths of Imam Muslim.

You can call children by names in which the word "abd" (slave) is present in combination with one of the names of the Almighty: for example, ‘Abdur-Razzak (meaning the slave of the Giver),’ Abdul-Malik (meaning the slave of the Lord).

It is recommended that children be named after the Prophets mentioned in the Kur'an.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, said, meaning:

⇒ «Name your children after your prophets»;

⇒ «Give my name, but don't give my nickname». (For example, Muhammad ‘Abul Qasim) The hadith was narrated by Abu Nu‘ Aim.

In addition, you can give the names of Angels, Caliphs, Askhabs, Imams, righteous and pious ancestors.

It is prohibited to give names, the meaning of which contradicts the Shari'at. At-Tirmidhi from ‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrates the story that the Prophet changed dissonant names. From Ibn ‘Umar it is reported that‘ Umar’s daughter was named ‘Asia (meaning rebellious, disobedient), and the Prophet named her Jamila (meaning beautiful).

It is forbidden to give names inherent only to the Supreme Creator, for example, Qayyum, Rahman, Zuljyali wal-ikram, Quddus, etc.

If a woman has a miscarriage at the time when the soul has already entered the child's body (on the 120th day), then it is said that it is still desirable to give him a name. And if the gender of this child is unknown, then you can give him a name that suits both a man and a woman, for example, Jamal (meaning beautiful / beautiful).

It is necessary to distinguish the concept of «Muslim name» from the concept of «Arabic names». A Muslim name is a name that has a positive meaning, for example, meaning that a person is hardworking, etc. There is no condition in Islam for a Muslim or a Muslim woman to have an Arabic name.

Male and female name

‘Adil / ’Adilya - fair / fair

‘Aziz / ‘Aziza - strong, winner; dear, dear, respected / strong; rare, valuable, sweet, dear.

'Aliy / 'Alia - exalted.

'Alim / 'Alima - knowledgeable, knowledgeable, learned, wise

Amin / Amina - faithful, reliable, honest / loyal, reliable, honest.

Anis / Anisa is a close friend, comrade / girlfriend.

Basim / Basima is smiling, smiling, laughing, cheerful / smiling, cheerful.

Jamil, Jamal / Jamila, Jamal - beautiful, beautiful / beautiful, beautiful.

Dinar / Dinara - gold coin, dinar.

Zakiy / Zakiyya - gifted, pure, immaculate.

Zakir / Zakira - remembering, praising Allah / remembering, reciting a prayer, praising the Creator

Ilham / Ilham - inspiration, inspiration.

Kamal / Kamal - perfection, completeness, perfect / perfect

Kamil / Kamila - perfect, complete, without flaws / perfect, without flaws.

Karim / Karima - generous, generous / generous, magnanimous.

Latif / Latifa - friendly, sweet, soft, kind, merciful ny; graceful / friendly, good, kind, affectionate, gentle; graceful.

Lyabib / Lyabiba - smart, perceptive, with a sharp mind, capable / smart, capable, with a sharp mind, resourceful.

Malik / Malika - owner, owner, ruler / mistress, queen, princess.

Munis / Munisa - close friend / friendly, close friend, friend

Nur / Nur - ray, light, shine.

Nuri / Nuria - bright, radiant / with shining face; light, radiant.

Rashid / Rashida - walking the right path, prudent; showing people the right way / reasonable; walking the right, right path.

Ridvan / Ridwana - joy, contentment; benevolence, satisfaction.

Salih / Saliha - pious, righteous (the name of one of the Prophets of Allah) / pious, righteous

Samir / Samira - interlocutor, narrator, leading conversation / interlocutor, leading conversation.

Sultan / Sultana - ruler, sultan / ruler, wife of the Sultan.

Farid / Farida - rare, unique, unique / rare, most valuable, pearl

Firdaus / Firdaus - Paradise, Garden of Eden

Halim / Halima - kind, gentle; patient / patient; soft, kind, merciful; humble (the name of the breadwinner of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Hamid / Hamida - praiseworthy, praiseworthy; virtuous / praiseworthy, praised; virtuous.

Hafiz / Hafiz - protector, guardian, protector; knowing the Qur'an by heart, Hadith / protecting, keeping; knowing by heart the Qur'an, Hadith.

Male name

'Umran - with his existence there is life, prosperity, prosperity.

'Abdullah is the slave of Allah.

'Ammar is the one who has a long life, who has a strong Faith (God-fearing to death).

'Amr - enrichment, life, life path, living.

'Umar - life (from birth to death), life, living.

Adam - surface of the earth, soil (name the first Prophet).

Ayyub - returning (name of the Prophet).

Anwar - rays, radiance, radiant, shining, shining, dear.

As'ad - happy.

Ahmad - glorified, praiseworthy, praised.

Basil - brave, brave, brave, courageous.

Bassam - often smiling; joyful, cheerful.

Walid - child, child, boy.

Ja'far - river, stream, stream.

Ibrahim - the name of the Prophet.

Ikram - honor , reverence, respect; praise, exaltation.

Ilyas - the name of the Prophet.

Irshad - guidance, instruction, advice; guidance on the true path

Mu-'az - strong, protected; shelter, shelter.

Mu'ezz - dear, respected; supporter of others, protector.

Muzaffar is victorious, winner.

Murtada is content, satisfied.

Muslim is a Muslim, obedient to Allah.

Muhammad is praised.

Nabil - noble, illustrious, noble, honest, conscientious.

Nizam (Nizami) - order, organization, discipline.

Nizar - rare.

Riyad - gardens

Salyakhuddin - piety (Sultan Salyakhuddin Al-Ayyubiy is a famous Muslim ruler and scientist of the XII century).

Female name

'Ayna - with big beautiful eyes.

'Aisha - living, prosperous, prosperous.

Aigul - moon flower.

Amal - hope, expectation.

Amal - hopes, expectations.

Asia - consoling, healing (the name of one of the pious women - the wife of Pharaoh).

Aya, Ayat - signs, wonders, Ayat Kur'an.

Janan - heart, soul, beloved.

Jinan - Gardens of Eden.

Zainab - plump, large. And also this is the name of a beautiful tree with a pleasant smell.

Zuhra - radiant, shining; flower; shine, brightness.

Kausar - abundance, abundance; the name of the river flowing in Paradise.

Layal - darkness, night.

Layla - darkness, night.

Lubaba - core, core; all the best, valuable.

Madikha - praiseworthy, praised.

Maryam - worshiper of Allah.

Nafisa - valuable, dear; jewel.

hajar - traveling around the country, traveling (name of the mother of the Prophet Isma'il, peace be upon him).

hajar - wandering, traveling (name of the mother of the Prophet Isma'il, peace be upon him). {1} Rahma - mercy, compassion, kindness, mercy.

Salma - pure, blameless; in peace and security, saved.

Salsabil is the name of the source in Paradise.

Umm Kulthum - chubby, chubby (the name of the daughter and granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon Him).

Fatyma - distant from worldly vanity and freeing time for obedience

Hasna is a beauty; attractive, pretty, beautiful.

Havva is the name of the first woman, which means «created from living things».

Husna is the best, most beautiful; kind, soft, friendly, sympathetic.

Yasmine is jasmine.

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