What is Islam?


This is the Arabic name for the religion of Monotheism, which all the Prophets professed and called for. And also Islam is the religion of Angels, which they professed even before the creation of people.

God sent Prophets to different nations and they called people to Islam in different languages. And since the last Prophet was an Arab, and the last Holy Book was revealed in the Arabic language, then many religious terms are taken from the Arabic language. For example, the general meaning of the word "Islam" is belief in God and His Prophets, "Allah" is the name of God in Arabic, and "Muslim" is a believer.

The foundations of Islam include belief in the One-One God, Angels, Prophets and the Heavenly Books sent down by Him, as well as belief in fate, that both good and evil are created by God, belief in resurrection after death, on the Day of Judgment, in eternal torment in hell for unbelievers and eternal prosperity in Paradise for believers.

Faith in One God

Muslims believe that God is the only Creator, and everything else was created by Him, that is, it appeared in being and has the beginning of its existence.
God created the entire universe, including space and time. And the one who created space and time is not himself connected with them.

♦ It is not connected with time - it means that it does not have the beginning of Its Existence, does not disappear and does not change.

♦ Not connected with space - this means that God is not in any place and does not fill the entire space entirely.

♦ God is neither an object (tangible or intangible) nor a property of an object. God is not a body and not a spirit, he cannot be called mind, strength, love, law, since all these are creatures or their qualities.

♦ God is not like anyone or anything, His Essence is not comprehensible to the mind, and He cannot be represented in any image. God is absolutely not like the created - neither by His essence, nor by attributes, nor by deeds.

♦ He is an omniscient and omnipotent Creator, does not need anyone or anything, He does not have weaknesses and shortcomings. And only He is worthy of worship.

The path of salvation

The greatest and most honorable duty of man is true faith in God! Without it, there is no salvation, and good deeds will not be accepted. This is why it is important to be a Muslim!

Converting to Islam is easy - it doesn't take a lot of time, a special place or special conditions. If a person understood the above and recognized Monotheism, then in order to accept Islam, he needs to pronounce aloud the Islamic testimonies:

"There is no creator but One God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God"

Please note that the name of the Prophet "Muhammad" must be pronounced correctly, otherwise the testimony will not be considered valid. The letter "x" in this name should be pronounced softly, with a breath. And if a person does not know how to pronounce the word "Muhammad" correctly, then he can say another name of the Prophet Muhammad, for example, "Abu-l-Gasim" (with a solid "g" and a lingering "a").

The word "testimony" does not mean that a person needs witnesses to accept Islam. "Testimony" in this case means confirmation in words of a belief that a person has received in his heart.

♦ To accept Islam, you do not need to go to a mosque, or look for an imam, or look for other Muslims, or perform any additional actions (do ablution or receive detailed knowledge).

♦ After a person accepts Islam, God forgives him all the sins he had committed before.

♦ To accept Islam means to take the path of all the Prophets and save yourself from hell. And the one who has understood and recognized the truth, in no case should he postpone the adoption of Islam for fear that he will not be able to perform rituals, or does not have deep knowledge, or does not know the Arabic language.

♦ Muslims want all people to come to true faith and be joyful in eternal life. Islam is the greatest gift from the Creator, and blessings are for those who recognize the truth and keep the Faith until the end of their days!

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