Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Ahmed Tamim

Head of the Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Ahmed Tamim was born in 1956 in Beirut (Lebanon). Has a secular and religious higher education

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim came to Ukraine in 1976. Studied at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1982 he graduated with a degree in Microprocessor Systems and Local Area Networks.

Received religious education at the Faculty of Theology "Imam Awza'i" at the Arab University of Beirut.

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim is a citizen of Ukraine. He is married, has five children.

On the initiative of the Muslims of Kiev, Sheikh Ahmed Tamim was elected Imam of the Kiev Muslim religious community, registered in 1991. Soon, Muslim communities in different cities of Ukraine united into the Religion Administration Ukraine Muslims (RAUM), registered on September 9, 1992. In 1994, at the First Congress of Muslims of Ukraine, he was elected Mufti of Ukraine and holds this position to this day.

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim is also the President of the Islamic University, founded under RAUM in 1993. And in 1994, on the initiative of the Mufti, the official publication of RAUM, the spiritual and educational newspaper "Minaret", and then the children's religious magazine "Veselyi Svetlyachok" began.

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim hosts a number of religious TV programs on central Ukrainian TV channels.


Sheikh Ahmed Tamim represents Muslims in the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO), established in 1996 as an advisory body to the President of Ukraine. AUCCRO today is one of the main mechanisms for the implementation of state-confessional relations.

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim is known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad as an expert on extremist movements that act under the slogans of Islam. The Mufti of Ukraine takes part in international and regional conferences held in Ukraine, Russia (North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Belgium, Egypt, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries.

Sheikh Ahmed Tamim is the author of a number of books on various Islamic sciences. Sheikh Ahmed Tamim received significant knowledge of the theology of Islam from his teacher and spiritual mentor, an outstanding theologian of our time, the famous scholar-muhaddis of the countries of Sham Sheikh 'Abdullah Al-Harariy, who gave him ijaz (permission) to teach Islamic sciences in all his books and on transmission of the tariqat "Rifaiya" and "Qadiriyya". Sheikh Ahmed Tamim also has ijazu for the transmission of the Naqshabandiyya tariqah from the head of the imams-khatibs of the emirate of Dubai (UAE) Sheikh Muhammad ‘Adil Azizat al-Kayali al-Hasan.

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