Rukya - healing through the Kur'an, since he is healing and mercy, guidance and direct path; or by means of special Du'''am,

which have come down to us from the Prophet Muhammad himself, peace be upon him, or his companions and holy people.



The Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine conducts a wedding with the issuance of a certificate in Ukrainian and Arabic.

Nikah is an act of marriage between a man and a woman according to the Shari'at rules.

It is necessary:

2 photos of the groom 3x4;
2 photos of the bride 3x4;
Passports of the spouses (foreign passport, Ukrainian identity card, visa);
Witness passports or identity documents (if the witnesses are from the spouses);
For citizens of Ukraine: Application from a notary about the marital status of the spouses or a certificate of their joint marriage.
Assistance is also provided in the implementation of the wedding ceremony.




The Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine helps in the implementation of rituals for the dead and other necessary actions.

Such as the:

-washing the deceased (Gusul);
-wrapping in kyafan (shroud);
-funeral prayer (Janaza);
-funeral (Daphne);
-commemoration and reading of the Kur'an to the dead.

It is necessary:

-certificate of cause of death;
-death certificate.



 ‘Azan and Ikomat;
Tachnik (rubbing the gums of a newborn with a date);
‘Akyka (animal sacrifice);
Shaving off the first hair. 






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